Thursday, May 26, 2016

A minor correction

I was just looking at the Comics Journal website, and stumbled upon a neat article about the comics "scene" as it pertains to Northampton, MA, home of Mirage Studios. It's a pretty good piece, but I noticed this error:

"Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird moved here and started Mirage Studios shortly after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 was released."

While it is true that we moved to Northampton "shortly" after TMNT #1 was released (I guess two years could conceivably qualify as "shortly"), it is not true that we "started Mirage Studios" upon moving to Northampton (in the summer of 1986, by the way). 

Mirage Studios was actually started back in 1983, in Dover, NH, less than a year before we published TMNT #1 in May of 1984. Mirage then moved to Sharon, CT and stayed there for two years before ending up in Northampton. -- PL

Here's the link to the article:


  1. Hello Peter, you may not remember me, but I worked across the hall from your studio on Center St. in Northampton, MA, for the Benjamin Company in 1984- 1987. My husband at that time may have helped you find the land you purchased where you had the 4 stall garage and parked your ATVs there. You came to Paul's office one day with a comic book for us. None of us knew what to think! We saw the young boys hanging out by your office door to get the next edition of the comic. I remember how eager they were. So eager that they brought their bikes up that big flight of marble stairs to your office. Just stopping by to say hello and congratulate you on your amazing success! I went on to work with a comic book as a layout artist/designer. The creators of the comic book hired a retired Marvel comic artist to create book. Just saw that one of your original comics sold for over $71,000!! Kudos to you and Kevin!!!

  2. Hello Mr. Laird,
    I'm the " Taekwondo guy" who started Taekwondo because of the TMNT comics from years ago. I hope this finds you well. I've noticed you have some sketches at Shellback artworks from time to time.
    As an "old school" fan I was wondering if you would be willing the join in on a "jam piece" where other TMNT artist are all drawing the turtles on one piece. If you are interested, I can be reached at

    Thank you.

  3. Hey Peter,
    It has been "family lore" for some time that you and Kevin moved to my Grandmother's log cabin in Sharon, CT... apparently from Dover, NH... and conducted some of your early writing and creating work for those 2 years. Does this ring true? I would loooooove to see if this bit of family lore is actually true!!

  4. Hey Peter I wonder if you can help me, in the Foxkids Turtles Season 1 episode 26 The Search for Splinter part 2 one of the guards is heard muttering "Newman" is this a reference to Seinfeld?

  5. Hello Peter,
    Do you have an email address that you use for contact for media and business inquiry? Cannot seem to find a good source for sending an email to you or your team. Thanks for your reply. -Mike

  6. Yo Peter, Erik Larsen mentioned that he was looking to have the Mirage TMNT appear in "Savage Dragon" #222 (to carry the tradition of them appearing in #2 and #22) and has had some conversations that haven't led to this getting cemented... is this something that could happen? Apparently there is a ticking clock on solicitations and whatnot.

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  9. awesome movie..I love it and hope for another movie.

  10. Is there anyway you'd be willing to come to the Con in Montreal in July?
    You haven't been out in awhile and your fans are getting restless.
    Let us know


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  12. I am not a hater but I just want to point out that THE NINJA TURTLES ARE NOT TURTLES they are tortises IDK how many people have noticed that now but it must have been an annoying mistake that was too hard to fix BTW if there is a reason that they are tortises plz tell me because I have never seen an episode just trailers

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